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14 at home activities perfect for you and your kids!

We know that keeping your family entertained at home can be hard, especially with children. So we have created a list of ideas of things that you can do whilst staying at home.


Whether it’s icing biscuits, making rice crispy cakes or creating something more fancy, baking is a great activity to get children busy. There are also tonnes of recipes that you can make with minimal ingredients!


Got a spot of painting to do? Get the whole family involved! Or maybe you have an old chair or cabinet that you want to up-cycle – now is the best opportunity!


With the weather being so nice and sunny at the moment it’s the perfect time to go into your garden and plant some fruit/vegetables or flowers – The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has lots of handy tips that you can find here.

Picnic with your family in your garden

Dig out the picnic blanket, make some sandwiches and enjoy the sunshine!

Your very own obstacle course

Set up an obstacle course in your back garden – use old pillow cases for sack races, buckets and rope for stilts or anything else you have in your garden! Who in your family can complete it the fastest?!

Play an instrument

If you’ve got your old guitar/drums/violin/trumpet/triangle lying around now is the perfect time to get some practice in or perform to your family!

Video call friends and family

Keep in touch with your friends and family using technology – Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp… there are lots of options.

Create a night at the movies

Put on a film, get the popcorn in and dim the lights for a true cinema experience!


Great for watching workout videos, find great recipes or learn a dance routine.

Draw/paint something/someone

Get your family to each draw something, swap them around and then the other person has to paint or colour it in! Or you could paint eggs or create story stones!

Play board games

Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders?! Bonus points if your children design and draw out the board that you eventually play on!

Read a book

If you have a kindle, there are plenty of free eBooks available!

Watch old family videos/look at old photos

Look back at family photos to bring back memories!

Easter egg hunt

Set up a hunt around your home or garden and give your children clues to find the eggs!

Let us know if you have given any of these ago by sending your pictures into us on Facebook or Twitter!

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