Being an effective Involved Customer

Involvement is open to all customers, we support people of different ages and abilities to ensure all our communities are represented. We support customers to get involved because we know that working together is the best way to improve our services for all. We value your opinions and know that your time is precious and we promise we won’t let it go to waste.

Here are some of the skills and behaviours we think are needed and how we will nurture and support you to be an effective involved customer.


Skills and Behaviours

To be an effective involved customer, we would expect you to have the following skills and behaviours:

  • Able to learn and undertake training
  • Want to help improve Greatwell Homes services
  • Be positive and look for solutions
  • Able to listen to other people’s views
  • Able to communicate with staff via phone, email or attend meetings
  • Respect the professional knowledge of officers


Induction and Training

To help you understand your role, we will provide you with the induction and training that you need. This will include meeting different customers and staff and finding out about Greatwell Homes. We do this to make sure you feel confident in your role.

Training and support, will help you:

  • Understand Greatwell Homes’ strategies, priorities and financial position
  • Understands the role of officers and limits of the job
  • Work electronically
  • Understand and abide by the Code of Involvement

We have a Customer Forum every 6 weeks where you can meet other involved customers, gain valuable knowledge about Greatwell Homes and other areas of community engagement.

We look forward to engaging with you soon.