Carly Britton – Involved Customer

Getting to know Carly Britton

One of our involved customers tells us about why she got involved and the benefits it brings to her and her family.

“I’m a single mum of two amazing children who like to keep me on my toes! I work full time in a school with children with Special Educational Needs and I love my job. I also study part time with the aim to teach these wonderful children that I work with.

I began giving customer feedback to Greatwell Homes about a year ago now. I initially started doing this as a way to save money for Christmas, being a single mum I have to pinch the pennies so for someone to say “hey we will give you shopping vouchers for your opinion”, well I couldn’t say no could I?

The vouchers have of course helped; however, I have really enjoyed being apart of this, having my opinion matter and being apart of the community. My life can be very busy and what I like most about giving customer feedback is that I do most of this online and in my own time and it’s not very time consuming at all so it’s actually kind of perfect!”

Greatwell Homes are always looking for more people to get involved, share your views and provide us with some feedback and you can make some money at the same time. Please email Community Involvement at if you know anyone else who might be interested.