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Changes to parking in three schemes

Earlier this month (September), we introduced a pilot scheme in order to resolve parking issues at some of our blocks.

Following consultation with our customers, we approved plans to introduce the scheme on three parking areas where there have been issues such as unauthorised parking, as well as abandoned, illegal and untaxed cars.

Vehicles blocking garages have also become a problem resulting in us unable to rent out these garages due to obstructions.

Parking management company NPM of Northampton will oversee parking in certain areas – Kiln Way area in Wellingborough, Victoria Close in Earls Barton and Butlin Court in Little Irchester – from September.

A permit scheme has been introduced at Diana House (Wellingborough), Victoria Close (Earls Barton) and Butlin Court (Little Irchester). Anyone parking at these schemes will need a permit to do so.

Sylvanus House and the garage area at Kiln Way will also be monitored for inconsiderate parking, garage obstructions and abandoned cars. Anyone not complying may be liable for a fine issued by NPM. People parking in these areas will not need a permit.

If you would like any more information, please contact our customer services team on 01933 234450.

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