Customer Service Officer

One of our Customer Service Officers has taken the time to write a bit about her job and what it entails! 

I am Lisa and have been working as a Customer Services Officer for almost two years.

Working in Customer Service is never boring, every day is different, and you never know what challenges you may face.  Some people may think we only answer the phones, this could not be further from the truth.  Our aim is to deal with as many queries as possible at the first point of call, providing accurate information and keeping records on our systems. Having said that, we need to use our knowledge wisely and know when to refer to other departments. 

We are dealing with real people who are sometimes in difficult situations, so it is incredibly important to have empathy, be non-judgemental and really listen to what our customers are saying. At the same time, we must manage their expectations and we can’t always give them the answers or resolutions they want. This can be very challenging. 

What I really love about working in Customer Services is the variety of work and the interaction with our customers. We are dealing with everything from repairs, rent, income, signposting, tenancy queries, anti-social behaviour, shared ownership to complaints and compliments! We also support other teams within Greatwell Homes by providing additional support when they need it.

The pressures that we face as a team are making sure we are all completely up to date with ever changing environments and processes. 

I feel very lucky to have a job I enjoy so much and I get to work working with some great people.