Other benefits

Housing Benefit

You may be able to have some, or all, of your rent paid for you by claiming Housing Benefit. To find out if you are able to claim benefits, please contact the Borough Council of Wellingborough.


The Benefit Cap

The Benefit Cap is the maximum amount of benefit income the government have decided your household can receive if you’re of working age. It only affects people getting housing benefit or Universal Credit. This cap applies to your household income form most benefits, including Child Tax Credit. However, there are some benefits which the cap doesn’t apply to.


Child Tax Credit

From April 2017, support provided through Child Tax Credit will be limited to two children, any subsequent children born after this date will not be eligible for further support. In addition to the two child limit, the ‘family element’ of £545 per year will be abolished.


If you have more than two children before April 2017, you will not be affected by the changes.

Worried about debts or budgeting?! Drop in!
Every Tuesday and Thursday between 1pm and 4pm we offer drop in sessions at Wellingborough Library for those who want to talk to us about the help & support we can offer, or to speak to our Benefit and Debt Advisor!