VE-Day 75th Year Anniversary

This year we are commemorating 75 years since VE-Day (Victory in Europe Day).

Discover more about VE-Day and take part in some activities inspired by the festivities that took place 75 years ago.

VE-Day took place on 8th May 1945, the day after Nazi Germany surrendered. It marked the end of nearly six years of conflict in Europe during which time many thousands of people had contributed to the war effort and served their country.

For many, VE-Day was a day of celebration. Bunting was hung in the streets and people danced with friends and neighbours. Many people gathered outside Bucking Palace to catch a glimpse of King George VI, who gave a radio broadcast at 9.00pm, and the future Queen Elizabeth II.

The Royal British Legion, National Memorial Arboretum and Citizen have put together some activities that you can find below.

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