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Keeping you safe during COVID-19

As more of our services are remobilised, we want to make sure that we keep you and your families as safe as possible and minimise any risk of spreading the virus. You can read what safety measures we have put in place below.

What our Operatives are doing to keep you safe

All of our Operatives will always wear sufficient PPE when attending your home for whatever reason and will abide to social distancing guidelines at all times. They will also take out daily temperature checks at the beginning of each day to ensure that they do not have a temperature, as well as any other symptoms, before entering your homes or communal areas.

We have taken out detailed risk assessments for many different areas of the business to ensure we have thought of every area of safety for our customers, staff and partners. You can find some of our risk assessments here. These will be reviewed on a regular basis and in line with Government guidance.

Other organisations we work with may have a different approach, but we have worked together to still ensure our customers safety is key.

Help us keep your homes safe

One of the most important things you can do to help keep your homes and families safe is let us in to your home to take out regular safety checks such as gas servicing and fire risk assessments – we will get in contact with you when these are due. It’s really important that you let us take out these checks.

If you are shielding or self isolating and have been contacted by us to arrange an appointment, please let us know as soon as this period has finished so we can arrange a suitable time for us to can take the safety check.

Help us keep your communities safe

We have seen an increase in fly tipping since social restrictions began and these can lead to serious health and safety concerns for those in the area. We try our best to remove fly tipping quickly, but with social distancing measures in place, we are unable to remove as quickly as we have before. So we please ask for you to help keep your communities safe and do not fly tip and dispose of you waste safely at the tip (please find information about your local tip before visiting to see if these are open and what safety measures are in place).

If you have any concerns with our safety measures, please do let us know by raising an enquiry on your online account.

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