In line with legislation and guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) you can leave asbestos containing materials that are in good condition in place. But, where found in a poor condition, we will remove it if there is a risk of it being disturbed or damaged or if a repair, improvement, or alteration is carried out.

Please note: If asbestos containing materials are in good condition, they do not pose a risk.

We have a duty to manage materials containing asbestos in our properties. For the safety of you and those entering your home, we:

  • Use an Asbestos Management Plan that sets out how we manage asbestos in our properties.
  • Carry our surveys of individual properties, locations and communal areas.
  • Record all asbestos information on our asbestos register.
  • Provide information about the condition and location of materials containing asbestos to anyone who could be exposed to it.
  • Make sure that appropriate action is taken by anyone who is likely to disturb materials containing asbestos, including colleagues and contractors.
  • Employ accredited asbestos survey consultants and licensed asbestos removal contractors for work involving asbestos containing materials.

What we need from you!

  • Get in touch if you have any concerns about asbestos containing materials in your home, especially if you think (or have been told) material that may contain asbestos has become damaged or disturbed.
  • Contact us before you carry out any DIY work. You may need permission under the conditions of your tenancy.