Gas Safety

Greatwell Homes has a legal duty to check and service the gas installation in your home every year, even if you don’t have or use any gas appliances. Faulty gas fittings or pipework can be dangerous, so it is important that you let the gas engineer into your home to carry out the service and checks. If you do not allow access, we may have to take legal action to gain access and carry out the work.

If you smell gas:

  • Call Cadent immediately for free on 0800 111 999
  • Put out any cigarettes or other naked flames
  • Open doors and windows to let the gas escape
  • Turn off the gas supply at the meter, if you know how
  • Do not use electrical switches, as the spark could ignite the gas

Never try to fit, remove or repair a gas appliance yourself. This must be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

For information on leaking pipes or how to bleed a radiator, please see our Maintenance Tips.