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Our mission to prevent damp and mould in your home

You do not have to live with damp or mould

At Greatwell Homes, every employee has a shared mission to provide great services and to work with you, to enable you to live well in your home.

Damp and mould can reduce the quality of your living environment. So, we’re working hard to prevent this being an issue for our customers.  

There are three main areas to our support.

  1. Repairs and upkeep of homes

Damp can be caused by structural issues and how the air and heat flows around a building. Missing roof tiles, leaky pipes, ineffective boilers, broken window seals and failed damp proof courses are our role to sort out. If you notice any of these problems, please tell us.

We will:

  • Install or replace extractor fans where they are dated or if you don’t have one in your bathroom or kitchen. Over the past year we’ve installed/replaced 522 extractor fans.
  • Train a group of Customer Services Officers so we have a dedicated team who specialise in damp and mould.
  • Invest in our homes each year as part of an ongoing maintenance programme, in 2020/21 we invested £2.6m in our homes.
  • Inspect most damp or mould related repairs within 10 days and complete the work within 28 days*.
  • Use thermal based paint to prevent condensation.
  • Replace all windows that no longer meet the Decent Homes Standard or are 20 years old, unless the customer does not want the works.
  • Send out free mould prevention kits. These contain concentrated sterilising prewash, mould eradication additive, a pair of gloves, goggles, paintbrush, a sponge and white emulsion paint. You can request these by contacting Customer Services on 01933 234450.


  1. Achieving fuel security

Damp and mould can be prevented by keeping heating on at a low temperature and ensuring heat in every room, rather than use an electric heater in a single room. But we know some households struggle with energy bills and are concerned about using their heating in this way.

We will:

  • Complete a welfare check if you are struggling to pay your rent or energy bills. There are grants available and we can help you access these.
  • Advise you on getting a smart meter, so you can monitor your use and spending.
  • Refer you to Energy Angels, so you can compare energy companies to ensure you are on the best deal. The current advice is to stick with your current supplier as the energy cap is the best deal at this time (as per Nov 21).
  • Continue to instruct Care & Repair to complete Warm Home Assessments. Each year we have funding for approx. 50 homes to receive Warm Home Assessments.


  1. Sharing advice from experts

Condensation forms from water vapour generated in your home. There are some simple ways to reduce this. So, we promise to share the latest knowledge so you can look after yourself and those you live with.

We will:

  • Produce and share free videos on home maintenance. Our latest on mould and condensation prevention can be found on our website here
  • Publish tips and advice regularly on social media. Advice includes putting lids on pans when boiling water, avoiding drying clothes inside and not placing wardrobes against external walls
  • Proactively look for any signs of damp and mould whilst staff and contractors are in your home. If we’re visiting for another reason, such as a different repair or a property visit carried out by your Neighbourhood Housing Officer, we’ll ask if we can look around or if you’ve noticed damp or mould
  • Always share with new customers during their sign-up process up-to-date advice on ventilation.

Please tell us if you have damp or mould in your property. You can contact us quickly and easily via: or 01933 234450. We are here to help.


*Dependant on the size of the area we may send a mould prevention kit to your home before inspection for you to try and remove the mould or damp yourself.

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