Quiz your knowledge!

Test your knowledge to see how well you know all things related to the Second World War!

  1. The battle of the bulge book part in which densely forested area?
  2. Which city was first bombed by an atomic bomb?
  3. Where was the first atomic bomb tested?
  4. What was the first commodity to be rationed during the Second World War?
  5. Hitler had two trains, one was named Brandenburg, what was the other?
  6. Who was the Emperor of Japan during the Second World War?
  7. Who was known by the nickname, the Desert Fox?
  8. Where did DDay take place?
  9. Who was known as the Forces’ Sweetheart?
  10. What German city was first to suffer during the Thousand Plan?
  11. Which British Minister of Food has a pie named after him?
  12. What was the quiet period between September 1939 and April 1940 known as?


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  1. Ardennes
  2. Hiroshima
  3. New Mexico
  4. Butter
  5. Amerika
  6. Emperor Hirohito
  7. Erwin Rommel
  8. Normandy
  9. Vera Lynn
  10. Cologne
  11. Lord Woolton
  12. Phoney War