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Refurbishment of over 750 garages underway!

762 garages on our estates are being given a new lease of life.

In April 2019, we started a large-scale project of refurbishing 59 of our garage sites.

These works will improve the areas helping us to provide high quality living environments and bringing garages that are currently out of use back to life. This will not only benefit our current and future customers who rent a garage from us, but also all members of the local community who live in close proximity to these sites.


Before                                                 After

What exactly is happening to the garage blocks?

  • Doors being replaced or refurbished, depending on age and condition
  • A four-way locking mechanism to increase security
  • A new roof
  • New guttering
  • New drainage on the sites
  • Repair or resurfacing of the forecourt areas if needed

How could it affect me?

If your garage is being refurbished, you will be contacted by us to let you know that you will have to vacate your garage – we will give you at least two weeks notice. Once we have received your garage keys from you the refurbishment works would typically take between three to five weeks, depending on the weather and/or delays in completion of works on other garage sites. You will not be charged rent whilst your garage is being refurbished.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause but we would really appreciate your cooperation in enabling us to complete the garage refurbishment project. Please be aware that if we do not receive your keys on time this may lead to your tenancy being terminated and/or the planned works being delayed.

We will also work with our appointed contractor to minimise any disruption caused to customers and other residents who live near the garage sites during the refurbishment works.

To find out if and when your garage will be refurbished, please call us on 01933 234450 and we can let you know the approximate timing based on the project phasing plan and confirm the actual dates nearer to the time.

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