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Secret to good customer service is no mystery at Greatwell Homes

Tenants of Greatwell Homes have been going undercover, as part of a new initiative to put their landlord’s services to the test

More than 24 residents came forward and offered to volunteer their time following a recruitment campaign to find mystery shoppers. So far 10 customers have received training enabling them to put staff through their paces and identify areas of best practice and areas of improvement.

Their first report, on the professionalism of answering phones, comes out during national customer service awareness week. The week exists to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the UK economy.

The mystery shoppers reported back such things as how many rings it took before a call was picked up, how staff introduced themselves when answering a call, whether they confirmed the name of the organisation and – if they were out – whether the voicemail clearly told the caller when they could expect a call back and whose line they had reached.

Overall 72% of the staff shopped passed the expected professional standard. In order to improve on this, Greatwell Homes have issued an updated professional standard guide that all staff will be expected to meet. This will be reviewed with a further Mystery Shop in the near future.

Michael Simms, Community Involvement Manager, who has led the project, said: “Thank you to all the customers for their time. The results will now be used to improve our performance against our standard and we will repeat the mystery shopper exercise in a few months to ensure we’ve got better.

“We will look to expand the mystery shopper programme so we can test our customer service and value for money. Once customers receive further training and build their confidence, we may also offer the service to other organisations as a way of helping customers add to their CV and earn vouchers for their time. It will also enable Greatwell Homes to lead the way in improving customer service in our borough.”

Customers who took part and completed the required number of mystery shops were given a gift voucher for their time.

Greatwell Homes customers interested in taking part in a future mystery shopper inspection, can call 01933 231392 to find out more.


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