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Two whole shopping trollies of food donated by you!

Two shopping trollies full of food and toiletries donated by members of the public have been given to The Daylight Centre, a homelessness and support charity based in Wellingborough, thanks to a joint collection by Greatwell Homes and Wellingborough Neighbourhood Policing Team.


A further seven bags of food and toiletries that were collected from the food donation bin at our Thompson Court office were also donated.

Two of our Neighbourhood Housing Officers, Aggie and Magda, organised the food collection along with Wellingborough Neighbourhood Policing Team which was held on 18th October 2018 at the Police Pop-up Shop located in the Swansgate Shopping Centre.

A quote from Aggie about the day “I am delighted with the response and generosity. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who supported us and got involved. I know that donations will be greatly appreciated. We look forward to receiving your support on our next donation day.”

A massive thank you goes to those who donated and also to Wilkos who donated a voucher.

Over the winter season food donation bins will remain at Thompson Court in order to raise as many donations as possible.

Another food collection has been organised on Friday 7th December from 1pm – 4pm at the same location.

Again, a massive thank you to all of you that have donated so far and we hope to see some of you at our next collection.


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