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Update on the first few weeks of our WHRepairs service.

We are now into the fourth week of our new repairs service and Greatwell Homes are pleased to say that it has been a real success so far.

 All the hard work has really paid off. We have been joined by a brand new team and now have specialist contractors and material suppliers to ensure that we are delivering the repairs service our customers deserve. There are still lots to be done and during this transition period we would like to thank you for your patience and look to deal with any outstanding repairs as soon as possible.

Kim Bicknell was the first customer to recieve a repair with the new service.

With the launch of our new service, we offer our customers more flexibility with the new ‘school run’ time slot 10am – 2pm allowing you to take care of your other priorities. We also have a much more efficient way of getting feedback as you will receive a text as soon as your repair is complete so we can act on the feedback as soon as possible.

Greatwell Homes would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the launch of the service.

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