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We are changing our name – Frequently Asked Questions

From April 2019, we will be changing our name to Greatwell Homes.

Wellingborough Homes has been running for over 11 years. A lot has changed in that time and as we work closer with our customers to continue to provide great services and more ways of communicating with us through digital channels, and as we grow into the wider Northamptonshire area, now is a great time to launch a new name.

Along with the new name, we will also be launching three new sub-brands:

  • Greatwell Works – our repairs team who will help maintain your home.
  • Greatwell Places – our estates team who will help maintain your communities and green spaces.
  • Greatwell Living – our sales team who will deal with sales and market rent of our new and existing properties.

You may also be aware that our customer contact centre, Thompson Court (based next to Morrisons in Wellingborough town centre) has already stopped taking rent payments and will be closing on the 29 March 2019. Our new, appointment-only reception will be open also on the 1 April 2019, and you can book an appointment by calling 01933 234450. The address for this reception is: Floor 5, 12 Sheep Street, Wellingborough, NN8 1BL. Please note we will not be taking rent payments at this reception.

We know that you may have a few questions regarding this so we’ve answered a few frequently asked questions below.

Why are you changing your name?

We launch our new three-year Corporate Plan in April and some of our main priorities in this time are growth, maintaining our current properties well and embedding our Customer Charter (which will be launched in April and will state what you can expect from us as your landlord). Changing to Greatwell Homes will not only support us in achieving these ambitions, but will hopefully make it clearer to our customers of what we are responsible for, and also what are the responsibilities of other local organisations and authorities.

We are a financially strong and well governed organisation and in recent months our Board have recently approved £40 million worth of funding in order to help us achieve our objectives in our new Corporate Plan 2019 – 2022.

Why did you choose Greatwell Homes?

We chose Greatwell as we will always look to provide great services and high quality living environments, and even though we are growing, Wellingborough and surrounding areas will always be an important part of who we are.

Will my tenancy change?

No – your rights and obligations under your existing tenancy or lease will not change as a result of the name change. The services that we offer will remain the same and we will still be repairing and maintaining your home as normal.

Will I need a new rent card?

No – you will still be able to use your current rent card.

I used to pay my rent at Thompson Court, how can I pay my rent now that it is closing?

There are plenty of ways that you can easily pay your rent –

  1. Setting up a direct debit by calling us on 01933 234450.
  2. Signing up to your online account where you can pay without leaving your house.
  3. Using your rent card at any Pay Point or Post Office.
  4. Calling our Customer Services line at pressing option one.

I currently pay by standing order to Wellingborough Homes, will you still receive my payments after 1 April 2019?

Yes – all standing orders will be received. No bank details are being altered.

Should I still let people with Wellingborough Homes ID cards into my home?

No – all staff members will have new Greatwell Homes ID cards from 1 April. Do not let anyone claiming to be from either Greatwell Homes or Wellingborough Homes into your home without seeing a Greatwell Homes ID card.

Has the name change increased my rent?

No – the Government dictates if your rent is increased or decreased.

Will your phone number change?

No – you can still contact us on the same number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please note that if you call us out of office hours, you will be diverted to our out of hours emergency hotline.

How can I book an appointment at your new reception?

You can call us on 01933 234450 to book an appointment with your Neighbourhood Housing Officer or another member of our team.

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