What we are doing to support our customers around the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

At this really difficult time, we know that many of our customers will feel worried, anxious and isolated. This is why we want to support our customers as much as we can, as well as making them aware of other organisations that can support them and their families.

This is what we are doing so far to support our customers…


Welfare checks via phone

To ensure that our customers, especially those who are most vulnerable, are as supported as much as they can be at this time, we will either be increasing or introducing welfare checks via telephone to those who need it the most.

Those who live in our Independent Living schemes will be receiving at least three welfare checks via telephone a week – some may require even more regular calls to ensure they are coping ok in the current situation.

We will also be calling some vulnerable customers over the next couple of weeks in our general needs accommodation including;

  • Those who are over the age of 70 and have known vulnerabilities (underlying health conditions etc)
  • Those who are under the age of 70 and have known vulnerabilities (underlying health conditions etc)
  • All other customers who are over the age of 70

Please note that those most at risk will be receiving welfare checks via the phone first.

During these calls, we will be having a general chat about how they are doing in the current situation, as well as checking whether they have any next of kin, or support network, that can get food or medication and deliver it to their door. If this is sadly not the case, we will be able to either refer or signpost the customer to an organisation, charity or website that will be able to help and support them in the best way possible.


Support in paying your rent

We understand and appreciate that many families and households are extremely concerned about their financial security and the ability to pay their rent due to lost and reduce earning as a result of the spread of coronavirus (COIV-19). However, our Income Recovery Team will be able to offer you free advice and support around paying your rent and any benefits that you are entitled during this difficult time. You can find more information here.


Signposting you to other organisations who can help

Tough times like this shows just how much people can care and support others. There are many of ways that you, or someone you love, can get help and you can find more information here.


Helping you get online

Do you have the internet at home or on your phone? If so, it is important to keep in touch using your phone, internet and social media. You can use telephone or online services to contact your GP practice or other essential services as and when you need.

If you know someone who needs help and guidance getting online, you can contact Di at We Are Digital on di@we-are-digital.co.uk. They can then arrange to provide support on how to do simple things online.


Donation to the foodbank

We know that unfortunately, due to having less or no income and the struggle for vulnerable people to get essential items like food, more people than usual will be leaning on local foodbanks for support. That is why we have donated £500 to support the Wellingborough and District Foodbank which is run by the Daylight Centre.