Why is it important that I pay my rent?

Paying Rent is a priority to secure your home

When you sign your Tenancy Agreement you agree to pay your rent and other charges in advanceit is important to ensure that you do not get behind with your payments.   


We understand our customers’ circumstances can change and if you are struggling to pay your rent please contact the Income Recovery Team as soon as possible – we are here to help.


Did you know we have a drop in service every Wednesday at Wellingborough Library? 

9.30 am  – 4.30 pm – We have an Income Officer available to talk to – you do not need an appointment – we are here to help and can advise on benefits, making universal credit applications and budgeting.


Alternatively, our Benefits Advisor is available each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 1 – 4pm at the Library – again no appointment necessary.


Failure to make payments and engage with us will result in a Notice Seeking Possession being served.   This is the first step of formal recovery action.  If we have to proceed to court for continued non payment of rent – the court fee is £325 – to avoid incurring these costs please speak to us at the earliest opportunity you are experiencing problems paying your rent.