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An update on vacant garage sites on the Queensway and Hemmingwell estates

Work was completed in November to transform a previously vacant garage site into much-needed parking on Rydal Mount on the Queensway estate.

There are still some garage sites waiting for demolition and we wanted to give you an update on where we are with these.

Customers have been telling us that they are in need of more parking, and we have been working on a project to transform some areas, such as vacant garage blocks, into additional parking and making them look more attractive.

The garage site before the refurbishment
The garage site before the refurbishment

There are some areas that are taking a little longer to complete than we hoped, and we know that this can be frustrating for local residents, especially when some sites are quite unsightly.

We are continuing to work with the Council to obtain planning permission for this work which comprises of transforming 38 garage sites across the Queensway and Hemmingwell estates. Both the Council and Greatwell Homes are committed to maintaining the natural environment, so care needs to be taken to ensure that any trees or green spaces that are to be altered as part of these works are replaced to ensure that our neighbourhoods meet the objectives laid out by the Governments Net Zero Strategy; ‘Build Back Greener.’

As we know, some sites are unattractive right now, and we have identified seven sites for early demolition. This work will be completed before the end of March 2024, but will only be demolition of the site at this time – these sites will not be suitable to be parked on until the refurbishment has been completed. This will include three sites on Minerva Way, two on Kilnway and two on Fulmar Lane and we will be writing to local residents in the new year to invite feedback and share our proposals for these sitesWe should hopefully hear a decision for the garages on Minvera Way and Kiln Way early in the new year.

If you have any questions, or would like to talk to someone about this, you can contact us here.