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Annual Report 2017/18


Looking back over 2017/18, we have had a year of many achievements; turning 10 years old, donating over 17,000 tins to a local food bank and working closer with our customers to improve our services such as repairs, estates services and how we support and encourage positive neighbour relationships. In this year, we have also achieved our highest shared ownership sales to date, increasing the opportunities for customers into affordable home ownership.

As this is my final year as Chair, I am delighted to have seen the strides that have been made and the progression to a well-managed, financially stable and ambitious organisation.

Greatwell Homes starts 2018-19 in a strong position and with a clear plan for tomorrow to provide the best services to our customers and communities, and I look forward to watching the organisation develop.

Tim Davy

Working with our customers

Our customers have made a difference!

Customer Assembly Panel

The Customer Assembly panel have worked hard this year to strengthen the links between customers and the Board in order to make sure customers’ voices are being heard.

So far, the Customer Assembly panel have:
  • Worked with the Board on strengthening our governance
  • Worked closer with the Board on customer voice
  • Been involved in the recruitment of the new Chair of the Board
  • Monitored our performance against repairs, customer service and complaints
  • Received training on how to effectively challenge and question what we do.

Online customer portal

We worked closely with a group of customers to assist with the design of our new customer portal which is due to launch on the web site in summer 2018. The customers attended a number of workshops to help shape the look and feel of the portal.

Mystery Shoppers

10 customers took part in 142 mystery shops over the year to ensure our staff are getting back to customers and deliver good customer service.

Customer Scrutiny Panel

The Customer Scrutiny panel has completed two scrutiny exercises over the past year; ‘repairs’ and ‘estates services’, and have started their scrutiny of ‘customer care and communication’.

Thanks to some of the suggestions from this panel, we have made a number of changes to our services:
  • We introduced new ‘school run’ time slot for repairs
  • Changed to battery powered gardening tools where these would be quieter, more energy efficient and easier to use
  • We have updated our website to include what is classed as an emergency repair, how to contact us if you have an emergency out of working hours and what maintenance tasks are the responsibility of Greatwell Homes and what is the responsibility of the customer.

Digital panel

This is our newest panel and was set up to give all of our customers the opportunity to give feedback on services in their own time and in their own home. The Digital Panel operates mainly through email and has the chance to feedback on policies and procedures, important documentation and other areas of the business.

The Training Academy

The Training Academy has continued to provide training and financial support to our customers to help them into employment.

Last Year...


customers received benefit and debt advice


customers have received additional benefits after seeking support at our Training Academy


customers received financial and employment support through our Training Academy


customers achieved a qualification

Neighbourhood problems

As a result of customer feedback, we became more robust in our approach to dealing with complaints of unacceptable behaviour from those living in our properties. Of course, an eviction will always be the last resort and often, early intervention resolves cases.

cases of anti-social behaviour were reported


of those cases have been successfully resolved


of customers were satisfied with handling of their case

Target 79%

property was recovered due to unacceptable behaviour

Investing in our communities

Greatwell Homes Repairs

In September 2017, we announced that we will be bringing our repairs services in house from 1st April 2018 in order to provide our customers with a more flexible, stable and personal repairs service.

The changes to this service include:
  • New time slots to include a ‘school run’ time slot between 9.30am – 2.30pm
  • An easier way to give feedback about your repair via text.

10,000 tin target

17,524 tins of food were donated to the Greatwell Homes Food Bank (led by the Daylight Centre) in celebration of our 10th birthday. The tins were collected by customers, staff and various organisations. We exceeded our original target of 10,000 tins in only three months! A big thank you to anyone who contributed towards this cause.

Your estates

450 tonnes

of waste was disposed of, or recycled, in the last year including both green waste and flytipping

11 tonnes

of grit was used as a result of winter weather conditions

How we spend each £1

Our 2017/18 performance

We’re dedicated to providing great homes and investing in our communities to support our customers. We monitor how we perform to ensure we are meeting our objectives.

See all of our 2017/18 performance stats
current rent arrears
Target 2.9%
days to re-let a property
Target 25 days
of repairs were completed first time
Target 85%
of customers satisfied with repairs service
Target 90%
of homes were non-decent
Target 0%
of homes with a valid gas certificate
Target 100%


In April 2017, we partnered with Rentplus in order to provide rent-to-buy homes in Northampton and Earls Barton. The new homes will offer an affordable pathway to homeownership for working families in the area.

Interested? You can find more information about this here.

In the last year we have...

43 new homes
24 homes
sold through shared ownership
178 homes
started to be developed

Our Patron

In September 2017, after six years of being on our Board, broadcaster, Vicar of Finedon and Strictly Come Dancing star Revd Richard Coles moved into the role of Patron and public ambassador for Greatwell Homes.

He will continue to provide his expertise and special knowledge and enthusiasm for our local communities to Greatwell Homes and our customers.

Looking forward, we will work to...

Support customers with the transition to universal credit
Improve the environments within our estates
launch our customer offer
increase digital communication and transactions, including the launch of our new customer portal
Continue to develop a diverse range of homes and tenures to meet local needs
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