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Anna received help from our Benefits & Money Advisor

In 2019, Anna Wodzislawska approached our Debt and Benefits Advisor, Dave Small, as she had been issued with an overpayment of £11,000 from tax credits.

Despite previously making efforts to inform them that she had recently married, they issued her with the overpayment as they said she was claiming as a single person whilst she was married. Because of her husband’s immigration status, he was not entitled to public funds, which means there would be no financial difference whether a joint or single claim was made.

Anna approached our Debt and Benefits Advisor in July 2019. Dave studied the information and appealed the £11,000 overpayment, with evidence of phone statements and transcripts proving her efforts to inform them. Following the appeal, the judge contacted tax credits advising them to re-think their decision as Anna did all she could to inform them. As a result of this, Tax Credits replied to say that she did not have to pay the £11,000 overpayment.

“If Dave hadn’t approached them they would’ve taken all of that money. He really is a fantastic man and is always helpful and nice. He does a really good job and it has helped me a lot” – Anna Wodzislawska

If you would like to speak to Dave for any debt and benefit advice, please email