What is HomeSwapper?

Greatwell Homes subscribes to HomeSwapper, an online mutual exchange scheme designed to facilitate exchanges locally and across the country. This means that all Greatwell Homes customers can access the HomeSwapper service free of charge. To register, go to

What is SwapTracker?

SwapTracker is part of the HomeSwapper service. The HomeSwapper website helps you find other social housing tenants to swap with.
When you’ve found someone, and both of you have agreed to swap, you can then use SwapTracker to apply for a “mutual exchange” (home swap) and keep track of progress.

  • Easy-to-use, mobile friendly design
  • Online form with digital signature
  • Easy document upload via mobile portal
  • Whole process of entering information simplified
  • Automatic notifications upon receipt of application
  • Provides transparency for all parties involved
  • Reduces confusion and anxiety

SwapTracker – User guide v1.9