Useful links relating to debt & welfare benefits

Information around debt and welfare benefits.

Find helpful links to more information and support around debt, money and benefit advice, here.

Sickness benefits that will not affect any other income or/and savings you receive

Disability Living Allowance (for a child)

Personal Independence Payment

Attendance Allowance 

Universal Credit

If you lose your job and have no savings, you are entitled to apply for Universal Credit for housing costs and personal allowance. Find more information on how to claim here.

Debt Advice

The following links will take you to organisations that will be happy to assist you with any detailed debt issues you may have.


Based on the information that people provide, such as where you live, whether you are single or in a partnership this calculator will be able to assist you in calculating any benefit entitlement that you may have.

Would you like to know what welfare benefits you may be entitled to? Then try the Entitledto calculator. You may want to work out – what is your weekly budget?

Grants (Turn2us)

You may qualify for financial assistance by applying for a grant. Visit Turn2us  website.

Savings & small low cost loans (Credit Union)

If you are in a financial position to save a small amount on a regular basis or would like to borrow a small loan with a very low interest rate, contact Credit Union


Would you like to know about…

If you would like to talk to someone about your pension query, you could contact Pensionwise

Identity theft protection guide

Remember to protect yourself from identity theft and fraud!

Use this useful guide to help you find ways of preventing theft, as well as learning some of the impacts identity theft can cause.