The Difference You’ve Made

What have our customers helped us improve this year?

300 customers regularly helped us improve services last year and from April 2022 to March 2023, together we made 20 improvements to our services as a result of customer feedback and the hard work of these customers. 

What you’ve helped us improve so far…

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  • Amended the compensation policy
  • Made the repairs policy more clear, concise and accountable; for example there is now a list of customer responsibilities in the policy and the definitions are clearer
  • The reasonable adjustments policy has been updated.  Soon customers will be able to request colour overlays to make documents easier to read for customers with dyslexia

In 2022, our customers scrutinised the Greatwell Homes website. Here are the recommendations from this scrutiny review are being implemented already:

  • Creating an events calendar for Greatwell Homes events and relevant neighbourhood activities
  • A monthly reviews of the website to make sure the pages are up to date and correct
  • Training for staff on how to update the website, to make sure pages are updated regularly
  • Creating guidance documents to outline who the different audiences of the website are; for example, customers, job searchers, potential new customers, community organisations that we work with
  • Including customers in reviewing the community involvement pages
  • We are currently working on an improved search bar function
  • We are researching with customers on a chatbot for the website

More actions will follow later this year.

We’ve carried out surveys with our informally involved customers this year, using their feedback to advise us on:

  • Your opinions on ecological issues
  • The communal cleaning standard in blocks of flats
  • What you think our our new in-house gas servicing team
  • What its like being an involved customer
  • What you think of our asset investment policy
  • How clearly the rent amendment letters are worded
  • What you think of the e-newsletters 
  • How well we deal with complaints

We get feedback from customers in a variety of ways on how we work and interact with you. Here are some of the changes we have made this year as a result of customer feedback: 

  • We have introduced an involvement newsletter to keep involved customers up to date of what they and other involved customers are achieving
  • We held a summer fayre in Wellingborough for customers to enjoy
  • We are creating collection points at a couple of Independent Living schemes for specialist recycling items (items that cannot be recycled by the council, for example bread bags and medicine blister packs)
  • We have invited suggestions from customers and staff for scrutiny topics and task and finish projects for the upcoming year, and customers help select which suggestions to put into action
  • We held a focus group for customers to tell us how they would like the community involvement web pages to be
  • We held a session with customers and the company designing the chat bot to help us decide how to answer questions through the chat bot


If you have any ideas that will help us make things better for customers,  get in touch or email 

Let’s work together to create happier healthier places to live.