You said, we did

What services have our customers helped us change and improve?

We have a big group of customers who regularly help us improve our services and from April 2021 to March 2022, we made 23 improvements to our services as a result of feedback and the hard work of these customers. 

What you’ve helped us improve so far…

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  • Inputted and shaped the new Live Greatwell Corporate Plan
  • Reviewed the customer life plan document
  • Helped shape our new corporate values
  • Tested and made recommendations to improve our communication style 
  • Introduced a new digital file storage and communication platform for involvement
  • Reviewed our Terms of Reference and ways of working to improve processes and make meetings more efficient

In 2021, our customers scrutinised our grounds maintenance service and the effect of fly tipping, and how we deal with it. We’ve actioned some of these recommendations already this year. These have included: 

  • Amending the anti-social behaviour policy to be clearer about fly tipping and the action we can take against people fly tipping
  • Updating our website to make the process of reporting fly tipping easier for customers
  • A social media campaign to let customers know about the new area-based estates teams
  • Developed an app for estates staff to use in place of time sheets, to show what work is taking place in which locations

Many more actions will follow later this year.

We’ve carried out surveys with our informally involved customers this year, using their feedback to advise us on:

  • Tenancy sustainment
  • Keeping pets in independent living and flats
  • Use of communal areas and service charges
  • Improves to estates and properties in the Kingsway area
  • Leasehold management policy
  • Our advice and support on damp and mould in properties
  • How we can improve our website
  • The use of CCTV in independent living 

We get feedback from customers in a variety of ways on how we work and interact with you. Here are some of the changes we have made this year as a result of customer feedback: 

  • Operatives taking photos of gardens before and after of the work they have done
  • Daily reports from security so we can effectively monitor patrols
  • Amendment to lettable standard regarding clarity around decorative finish to walls
  • Identified improvement to end of tenancy visit documentation highlighting customer needs

If you have any ideas that will help us make things better for customers, please let us know here by emailing

Let’s work together to create happier healthier places to live.