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Chair of the Board

  • Reference Number: Unspecified
  • Expiry Date: 20230417000000
  • Location: Wellingborough
  • Salary: £12,136


Performance, development, communication and relationships

  • To attend appropriate training, induction and other events
  • To participate openly and honestly in collective and individual appraisal meetings, skills audits and succession planning
  • To be open in communication and maintain good working relationships with Board members and employees
  • To represent the Association as required and act as an ambassador for the Association

Effective meetings and decision making

  • To fully prepare for, attend and participate in, meetings of the Board and its committees
  • To question/challenge reports constructively to ensure decisions are well founded
  • To avoid disclosing any confidential or commercially sensitive information
  • To uphold the decisions of the Board or committees and ensure they are made in the best interests of the Association

Working with employees

  • To recognise the Association’s duty of care as an employer
  • To recognise the EMT’s responsibilities for management and supervision
  • To be involved in the appointment (and if necessary the dismissal) of the Chief Executive and other members of the EMT as required
  • To ensure appropriate succession planning is in place for members of the EMT

Strategic leadership

  • To help develop the mission and uphold and demonstrate the values
  • To participate in the development of the corporate plan, business strategies and key policies
  • To set and monitor objectives, performance targets and benchmarks for the business
  • Be committed to keeping up to date with issues facing the Association and its operating environment

Good governance

  • To ensure legal and regulatory compliance
  • To ensure the integrity of financial information
  • To ensure robust frameworks are in place for financial planning, management of risk, internal controls and the safeguarding of assets, compliance and reputation of the organisation
  • To fully participate in the work of the Board
  • Uphold and promote the core purpose, values and objectives of the Association

Board performance and conduct

Same as Board member plus:

  • To undertake annual reviews of the performance of each Board member and ensure there is a formal process
  • To take a lead on the annual review of the collective Board effectiveness and triennial governance review
  • To work with the Chief Executive to ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct
  • Provide leadership and ensure clarity of strategic direction to the Board and Greatwell Homes

Meetings and decision making

Same as Board member plus:

  • To ensure committee meetings have been properly planned and convened; are quorate and that the minutes are an accurate and complete record
  • To guide meetings through agendas, encourage participation and consensus, and ensure clarity of decision making
  • To oversee the application of the Urgent & Efficient Decision Making Policy for committee business
  • To oversee the application of the Urgent & Efficient Decision Making Policy
  • To ensure decision making takes into considers the views and needs of the customer and other key stakeholders

Stakeholder relationships

  • To ensure effective, open and transparent internal and external communication, and build and maintain good relationships with key stakeholders
  • To represent the Association at meetings and events, including public speaking duties if required
  • To act as a lead ambassador and representative for the Association, promoting its success and upholding its reputation

Working with the executive

  • To establish a constructive working relationship with the EMT lead(s) for the committee providing them with support, guidance and challenge
  • To ensure that there is a clear division of responsibilities between Non-executives and Executives
  • To ensure that the Board receives professional advice when it is needed
  • To establish a constructive working relationship with the Chief Executive providing them with support, guidance and challenge
  • To ensure that the Board delegates sufficient authority and there is a clear division of responsibilities between Non-executives and Executives



Strategic thinking and direction

  • Influences the development of business strategy
  • Delegates responsibility for the delivery of strategy
  • Understands the external and internal operating environment
  • Anticipates and understands risks and consequences
  • Encourages creativity and is open to new ways of working
  • Establishing the culture that is positive, focused on the needs of the residents, other stakeholders

Analysis and understanding

  • Demonstrate clear analytical intellect
  • Focuses on the key issues and makes them clear to others
  • Understands the sensitivities of key assumptions
  • Satisfies themselves on the integrity of financial information and risk appraisal
  • Possesses confidence to provide appropriate challenge and inquiry

Decision making

  • Shows independent judgement and original thought
  • Signs up to the collective ownership of decisions
  • Applies objective analysis, reasoned and rational judgement
  • Prepared to take difficult decisions and measured risks
  • Respects and is open to the views of others, including customers and other key stakeholders

Communication and Interpersonal skills

  • Engages effectively with key stakeholders
  • Builds relationships based on personal credibility and integrity
  • Communicates clearly and persuasively
  • Is self-aware and expects constructive feedback
  • Gets to know individuals and their aspirations

Team working and development

  • Able to work collaboratively in relationships built on mutual respect
  • Adds value to the work of the Board
  • Demonstrates commitment, reliability and preparedness
  • Supports others and celebrates success with the team
  • Open to learning and development, for self and others

Organisational purpose and ethos

  • Committed to meeting housing need
  • Open to the views of customers and other stakeholders
  • Supports the development of organisational culture
  • Values successful partnership working
  • Demonstrates leadership in equality, diversity and inclusion

Leadership and inspiration

  • Provides clarity of strategic direction
  • Projects themselves as open and approachable
  • Leads by example and inspires colleagues to achieve more
  • Resolves conflict and delivers solutions through negotiation and mediation
  • Acts as a role model for the governance of the Association
  • Sets out a compelling view of the future
  • Leads the Association through periods of change and challenge
  • Leads by example and inspires colleagues to add value
  • Ability to Chair complex discussions and lead debates in an open and inclusive manner and to summarise appropriately

Management and facilitation

  • Encourages participation and enables constructive challenge
  • Facilitates consensus and influences decision making
  • Supports Board members to work collaboratively
  • Develops a good working partnership with members of the EMT
  • Articulates clarity of purpose and the strategic relevance of decision making
  • Seeks consensus and guides decision making
  • Leads and supports Board members to work collaboratively
  • Develops a strong working partnership with the Chief Executive