Keeping your home warm for less

We know that necessities for you and your family such as heating, water and electricity can be expensive, especially in the winter months when you use them the most. Cutting back on heating not only makes your home less comfortable to live in but can also cause issues such as damp and mould. 

We’re working with Care & Repair Northamptonshire and Groundwork’s Green Doctor service who provide free support and advice to help you save energy, reduce your bills and keep your home warm. 

Groundwork’s Green Doctor

Green Doctor offers free, impartial advice to help you take control of your bills and save energy where possible in the home.

They can also provide advice and support, whether that’s how to pay off energy debt or spotting other concerns for a referral to other services. 

Some of our customers have already benefited from free: 

  • Water-saving shower heads
  • Reflective radiator backings 
  • LED lightbulbs 
  • Shower timers 
  • Behavioural change and energy debt advice 

You can self-refer for a Green Doctor visit by filling out the request form here 

If you require more support with a referral, please contact us. 

Care & Repair Northamptonshire

Care & Repair provide free home consultations on energy-saving solutions to keep you warm, without increasing your costs. 

With your consent, they will visit your home where they can give you help and advice on issues with your utility companies and tips on how to use less electricity, gas and water. 

They have already helped some of our customers by: 

  • Providing warm home advice, such as heating controls 
  • Providing draft excluders, radiator reflectors and energy saving light bulbs 
  • Giving advice on getting rid of damp and mould 
  • Installing water saving devices 

If you would like a warm home assessment from Care & Repair, please fill out your details below.