Fences – who owns and maintains them?

The ownership and maintenance of your fences depend entirely on where they are and whether your home backs on to any private walkways or parks. You can find everything you need to know about your fences below.

Fences in back gardens and at the rear of your home

These are our responsibility and we will maintain and/or replace the fences if necessary. If installing a new fence and your home is surrounded by other homes or gardens, we will install a chainlink fence. If you back on to a public pathway or park, we will install a six foot panel fence.

Please note that we will not replace like for like. If you currently have a panel fence and need this replacing for whatever reason, we will replace this with a chainlink fence and not a panel fence (unless backing on to a public pathway or park).

The routine repair time to fences is 90 days, unless deemed an emergency.

Fences in front gardens and in front of your home

We do not maintain front fences and these are your responsibility. If you want to put up a fence or take down an existing fence, you will need to adopt your front garden and you can do this by contacting your Neighbourhood Housing Officer.

However, we will take down any broken or damaged fencing but the replacement of that fence is your responsibility.

If you have a shared gate or fence, this is the responsibility of you and your neighbour.

If you still have questions about your fence, you can contact us here.