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PCSO’s new police bike

Greatwell Homes funded the £500 needed for the bike as part of the work it does with Northamptonshire Police.

It means PCSO Chris Burrows will be able to patrol the Queensway estate more efficiently and ensure anti-social behaviour remains at a minimum.

PCSO Burrows said: “The bike will make a huge difference to the way that I can police Queensway.

“Previously I had to make my way around on foot and getting from one side of the estate to the other can take quite a while. But now I am able to get about much quicker so when I’m alerted to a problem I can be at the scene almost straight away, wherever I am.

“We are delighted that Greatwell Homes has funded this valuable piece of equipment. We already work together extremely effectively on a number of initiatives and this latest move shows how committed the organisation is to helping to keep crime to a minimum in the community.”

Greatwell Homes works closely with Northamptonshire Police on the Young Citizens Award scheme it runs in local primary schools which recently celebrated its five-year anniversary. The scheme, which also involves representatives from Wellingborough Norse, teaches youngsters everything from street and fire safety to the impact of making bogus phone calls and littering.

Geoff Moore, acceptable behaviour officer at Greatwell Homes, said: “We are delighted to be able to make this contribution to policing in the community and full support any initiatives that help to minimise crime.

“This is just one of many ways that we work together with Northamptonshire Police and other local agencies to ensure our communities are safe.”