Sharon’s Story

I have lived in my current home since 1976 and am a settled member of my community.

I moved over from the council and opted to be part of the Wellingborough Homes (currently called Greatwell Homes); by doing so, I was promised a new bathroom and kitchen. During the installation of both areas, I was plagued with a range of fitting issues, which caused me to complain.

From these complaints and my interest in the services, my landlord asked if I would be interested in joining a customer repairs panel.  Eventually, I joined up as I didn’t want other customers to go through what I did, but I also wanted to help the organisation understand things from a customer’s point of view.

Being an involved customer makes me proud that I am doing my bit to improve Greatwell Homes’s services and the lives of others in our community. I am now a member of the Scrutiny Customer Involvement panel; this is where we look at areas in the business that have come to our attention, either through complaints or services that need a review. I have sat on the scrutiny panel for over a decade now, and I still have great enthusiasm to get stuck in and help make changes to improve the services we receive.

Being an involved customer is part of my life, and I would recommend it to other customers who want to make positive changes for all. Different panels are available, for example, Customer Assembly and a new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion group called Together Greatwell. It has been quite a journey, and it’s wonderful that I could turn my experiences into a positive force for change.