Annual Report 2018/19

We are delighted to launch our first Annual Report as Greatwell Homes, and this year we have gone for something different.

We are proud of so many achievements over the last year, and a selection of these are celebrated in our video. This also highlights our future priorities which will help us to provide great services and high-quality living environments.

Jo Savage, Chief Executive


Watch: Annual Report 2018/19


How we spent each £1

During 2018/19, we have demonstrated strong financial performance. At the end of the year, we made an operating surplus of £8.7m from a turnover of £26.1m, this includes incomes from rents of £20.7m. We use our surpluses to reinvest into building new homes, as well as maintaining and improving our existing properties.

You can find our Financial Statement for 2018/2019 here.