Changes we’ve made from customer feedback

We welcome all feedback – good or bad – as we want to make sure our services are the best they can be.

We also believe that being open and transparent with our customers and partners is important, so below you can find our most recent feedback information, including what we have done to improve our services where our customers were not happy.


In July 2023, we received 18 complaints.

We received 100% satisfaction for how we handled these complaints.



In July 2023, we received 20 compliments.

Here’s some lovely words from our customers:

Talking about our Housing team, one customer said: “I can’t thank Sophie and Sarah enough for the immediate action they’ve taken with my situation. They’ve been absolute stars.”


You said, we did

We listening to all feedback that come from customers via different methods. Here’s some of the services we’ve changed because of customer feedback.

[Last updated: March 2023]
  1. Following three similar complaints around communications from us, we have introduced a new process to send a coloured overlay to customers with dyslexia so that they can read our letters easier. We are also running small workshops with our customer service team so they can identify and support customers with dyslexia.
  2. Based on feedback from 45 customers, we will provide clearer information on Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) inspection and will look to formulate a ‘frequently asked questions’ document which captures all information in terms of the work that our asset investment team do.