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1,000 household items saved from landfill in furniture recycling scheme

Unwanted, good-quality household items have been saved from landfill and donated to those in need through a furniture recycling scheme.

Greatwell Homes have launched a furniture recycling scheme where we re-gift unwanted but good-quality items left behind at the end of a tenancy. We then identify customers who are not able to buy these items from new and distributes them free of charge.

So far in 2024, 62 large items of furniture destined for landfill have found new homes.

A Greatwell Homes customer who received household items through the scheme, said: “They were amazing. Moving into the house came out of the blue whilst I was saving up and it really helped me out. I’m so grateful. My kids love the sofa and the freezer meant I can now get frozen food for my family.

“I also received a TV unit, microwave and mirror. I’m really happy.”

A brown sofa which was donated via the Furniture Recycling Scheme
An example of some of the furniture donated via the scheme


Additionally, in 2023 over 1,000 household items were collected following the refurbishment of seven independent living schemes. These items ranged from sofas and tables, to cushions, games and DVDs and were either donated via the organisation’s furniture recycling scheme or given to the Salvation Army Trading Company [SATCoL].

Selina Bhambra, income recovery team leader at Greatwell Homes, said: “We’re really pleased with the impact our furniture recycling scheme has had since its launch.

“We believe that every person and every organisation has a part to play in protecting the environment, and this project helps to extend the life of household items and avoid unnecessary waste, as well as providing a great service to customers who may not be able to afford to furnish their homes.”

Customers who are interested in this scheme and want to know more information can speak with their Neighbourhood Housing Officer where they will need to answer some questions to see if they are eligible.

In cases where items are unable to be donated through their furniture scheme, Greatwell Homes donate to local charities.