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Our annual rent review 2024

Letters for our annual rent review will be sent to all customers by the end of this week.

Any increase fits within Government legislation and more information will be included in the letters. We know that times are tough right now and we don’t make these decisions lightly. As a not-for-profit landlord, we reinvest all profits back into our homes to make them as secure and safe as possible for all of our customers.


Service charge discounts

For anyone who pays service charges separately to their rent, the new amount is based on how much we expect the services provided to cost over the coming year.

In 2023 we capped the increase in communal service charges to 7% to help customers with the cost of living. We understand that this year, without a cap, some service charges may be considerably higher than previous years. For those customers living in Independent Living who we know do not receive any housing benefits or universal credit, we have already provided a discount to your account to help towards the increase. This is shown on your rent increase letter.

However, we know that there will be others who pay communal service charges who do not receive housing benefits or universal credit to cover this cost. If this applies to you and you do not see a discount applied on your letter, please email and we will see if you are entitled to a discount.

The discount will not be available for those who receive housing benefits or universal credit, as the benefits will cover these costs.


What will we use these rents and service charges for?

We use the rental income to maintain our services and homes. As well as enhancing our existing homes, we’ll be piloting to make our homes more energy efficient and improving our repairs and grounds maintenance services for all our customers.


If you’re worried about paying your rent or service charges

If you’re struggling financially, our team can support you in a number of ways:

  • Look into whether you are eligible for any benefits you’re not currently claiming
  • Speak with you about your income and expenditure and make suggestions on ways you could reduce costs
  • Signpost to partner agencies for assistance with food bank referrals and help with any need for white goods or furniture (subject to criteria)
  • Signpost you to other organisations who can help you further.

You can find more information and articles which may help you here.

We expect this service to be busy over the next couple of weeks, so please bear with us as a member of our team will be in touch over the coming month.


Contacting us

Those who think they may be entitled for the service charge discount, email

Anyone struggling financially and needs some advice and support, you can find more information here and also submit a form for someone to contact you.

For those wanting to speak to someone about their rent review letter, email or call 01933 234450.