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Are you struggling to pay your bills?

Unfortunately, with the cost of living so high at the moment, many people all over the country are struggling to pay for household necessities.

If you’re struggling to afford food, your rent, pay essential household bills, or meet other living costs, you may be eligible to receive financial or practical support through our Customer Assistance Pot.

We’ve recognised that due to the increasing cost of living many of our customers are going to be financially worse off causing additional stress and anxiety. As a result, money has been set aside for this year to help our most vulnerable customers during this difficult time.

This grant is mainly for customers in need of household items such as washing machines, fridges/freezers, beds, vaccums and flooring, or even a help with their food bill.

If you want to know if you’re eligible in receiving support from our Customer Assistance Pot, or want to know what other support or benefits you’re entitled to, please contact our Income team at