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Changes to our repairs service


We will be launching our own internal repairs service in April 2018, after five years of working with G-Purchase, part of the Wates Group.

The decision was made by the Board to bring the service in house in order to provide a more flexible, stable and personalised repairs service for you, our customers. The change is also expected to help the local economy by providing employment and apprenticeship opportunities for local people once fully established.

Denise Lewis, the Director of Asset and Development, said: “As we move into our 10th year, launching our new repairs service is an exciting opportunity which supports our ambitions of growth, efficiency and culture change.

“I’d like to personally thank G-Purchase for the great service they have provided to our customers over the last five years and for supporting us through the transition to our new in-house team”.

To make sure the change is a success, we want our customers to get involved in order to help shape the future of our repairs service. If this interests you, please contact our Community Involvement team by either emailing or calling 01933 231392.