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Parking etiquette to reduce parking problems

Parking is a big problem for some of you. Simply put, there are too many cars and too few spaces.

We often receive requests for more parking or reports that someone living near you is parking inconsiderately. What can Greatwell Homes do about it? The truth is, often our actions are limited and we can’t achieve a resolution alone.

In a recent example, creating additional parking for five spaces will cost us over £60,000. Due to our funding, with that amount of money we could fund two extra homes to help tackle the housing crisis.

That doesn’t mean we won’t be improving parking but we need to prioritise how we spend our money in order for us to provide great value for money services.

What are we doing about it?

Our Customer Scrutiny Panel carried out a review of parking and garages during Summer 2016. This recommended a number of recommendations which we are in the process of carrying out. We are also taking out our own review of our neighbourhoods to inform future improvements – parking will feature as part of this review.

How can you help?

We will not become involved in disputes between neighbours about parking and will encourage you to discuss the matter together to come to an amicable arrangement.

  • Respect your neighbours
  • Make sure you park considerately
  • Consider whether your visitors are able to park elsewhere
  • Don’t cause obstruction in your quest to park close to your home
  • Think about access to other people’s driveways
  • Get rid of any unroadworthy cars