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Greatwell Homes Regulatory grades 2023

Every year the regulator undertakes a stability check of our business plan and annual accounts in line with the Governance and Financial Viability Standard of the Regulatory Framework.

This week, the Regulator has published the grades of our stability check which remain the same as our 2022 grade and the IDA (In-Depth Assessment) result from earlier this year.

The governance and financial viability grades for Greatwell Homes are confirmed as:

  •  G1 – The provider meets our governance requirements
  •  V2 – The provider meets our viability requirements. It has the financial capacity to deal with a reasonable range of adverse scenarios but needs to manage material risks to ensure continued compliance

 This means that Greatwell Homes remain fully compliant with the regulator’s expectations.

We are very pleased to retain this grade in the challenging operating environment we are in.

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to get in touch.