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Radon gas testing programme in all homes

We are starting a new programme to test the levels of radon gas in all our homes.

Due to the scale of this programme, we will be doing this in phases with the first lot of homes starting in the next couple of months. This programme will span over a few years with homes being tested on a priority basis.

A company called UK Radon Centres will be carrying out the test on our behalf and will be contact with these customers over the next couple of months to arrange a visit.

What is Radon gas?

Radon gas is naturally occurring and can enter buildings through any small gaps or holes in floors and walls. Northamptonshire is known to have higher levels of radon gas than the national average and, whilst the risk of radon causing health issues is low, it is important that we determine the level of this gas in our homes to keep our customers safe.

What will happen during the tests?

When UK Radon Centres visit, they will place two small self-contained place detectors (around half the size of a credit card) in the main bedroom and the main living area of each home. These must stay in place for 90 days and then they will be collected and sent to a laboratory for analysis. It’s important that appointments are kept and that the detectors are not tampered with or moved.

What happens if there are high levels of radon in my home?

Should the test findings indicate that a home is above the national action level of radon, we will carry out works to ensure this level is reduced. This will be achieved by installing additional natural or mechanical ventilation to the home.

If the level is found to be below the action level, then no further works will be required.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.