Independent Living Charges

All Independent Living properties have a weekly rent charge, service charge and support charge. Where communal heating is in place there is a heating charge. Rent, service and heating charges vary across the schemes.


Support Charges

One of the unique selling points of Independent Living is that there are a range of different packages available to support your needs. Please find below the list of support we can provide and the costs.

Support Average weekly charge
Level One: Provision of alarm + weekly wellbeing check £10.15
Level Two: Two weekly wellbeing checks per week £13.20
Level Three: Three weekly wellbeing checks per week £16.24


Rent Payments

You can pay your rent using the AllPay system and check details of your account including your scheduled payment dates and any remaining rent to be paid to us.

It is important that your rent is paid on time so we can carry on providing our services to you. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, to go our Help & Support page for more information on how we can help you.


Service Charges

Service charges go towards the costs of providing and maintaining services and benefits. For example, a lift in a block of flats the cost of providing caretaking such as grounds maintenance and communal lighting and cleaning.


Heating Charges

Where there is a communal heating system installed there is a set weekly charge for each flat to cover the cost of heating and hot water.