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CLOSED – The Provision of Treasury Services at Greatwell Homes.

Greatwell Homes is looking for a supplier who can provide comprehensive Treasury advice including but not limited to:

  • Annual review and advice regarding Greatwell Homes Treasury Management Policy.
  • Preparation, in conjunction with Greatwell Homes, of an annual Treasury Strategy.
  • Advice and support to Greatwell Homes with the execution of the Treasury Strategy.
  • Daily/weekly/monthly monitoring and provision of key economic data and counterparty credit information as it impacts upon Greatwell Homes with timely advice if action is required.
  • Review and comment upon Greatwell Home’s medium-term business plan at least twice per year. To include Stress Testing and comprehensive report.
  • Preparation, in conjunction with Greatwell Homes, of a treasury dashboard which could be issued weekly/monthly as required by the business.
  • Attendance at Board meetings or Treasury Working Group (as required) during the year – this would depend upon the nature of the reports/subject matter.
  • Attendance (as necessary) at meetings with funders and investors.

This tender opportunity opened on Wednesday 23rd September 2020 at 14:00 and will close on Friday 23rd October 2020 at 14:00.

Please see attached the Invitation to Tender for the detail.

Full details of the tender and how to submit your bid can be found by following the link below

Please note we only accept electronic applications via the Delta Platform.