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The Daylight Centre receives a £1,000 donation just in time for Christmas

We have donated £1,000 to the Daylight Centre Followship in Wellingborough to help support the fantastic work they have done this year to support local families.

As a result of the pandemic, the Daylight Centre Followship have been in more demand than any other year. They have delivered 2,600 food parcels and have provided over 7,500 hot meals and a snack pack to those living in temporary accommodation who have limited cooking utilities. They have also delivered over 6,000 meals (including frozen meals, puddings and fruit) to families who have struggled for food over the last couple of months.

A donation such as this will massively help support the great and necessary work of the Daylight Centre.

Usually, around this time of year we provide £10 to all staff to use for Christmas lunches and dinners which are no longer happening this year due to the pandemic. Instead, staff asked to donate the money to the local charity to help support those in need at Christmas in this particularly difficult year.

Carina Fisher, the chief executive of the Daylight Centre Fellowship, said: “The support from the local community has been incredible – it’s very moving indeed. We are so grateful for donations such as the one received from Greatwell Homes as it makes our work possible and enables us to continue offering these vital services in our local community.

“Our volunteers have been working tirelessly in extremely difficult circumstances. They have been there throughout the pandemic to offer a lifeline to people who have needed it the most. People have had a really tough year so it’s great that we can bring some festive cheer. We’re really busy which is great”.

On top of this, we have also donated a further £500 to the Trussell Trust which is a charity who are working to stop hunger and poverty in the UK.