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We’re now using an automated call system to get in touch with you

We like to stay in touch with you and we may send you letters or text messages, but sometimes having a conversation is the best way we can help.

That’s why we’re now using the latest technology to help us stay in touch by phone. If we need to speak to you, we may send you a recorded message to let you know. By pressing 1 on your keypad, you can then transfer through to speak to us free of charge.

If you miss the call, we’ll send a text message along with our contact number. If you call us, you will be charged but we’ll ring straight back so you don’t run up any unnecessary costs.

Safe and secure

We know people can be cautious about answering calls from unknown numbers – and for good reason! Due to increasing numbers of telephone scams and telemarketing calls, it can be difficult to know what is and isn’t a genuine message.

We’ll never ask you to give any information directly through these conversations. You’ll always deal with one of our team who will go through standard data protection questions with you. This will normally include your name and date of birth, but we’ll never ask you for bank or card details unless we are processing a payment to your rent account and data protection checks have already been completed.

We’ll also never ask you to send us personal or financial information via text message.

If you have any concerns regarding us getting in touch with you in this way, please ring our customer service centre on 01933 234450.