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A donation to The Daylight Centre this Christmas

We have donated £500 to the Daylight Centre Fellowship to support local households this Christmas. 

The Daylight Centre Fellowship aims to prevent and alleviate poverty, loneliness, and homelessness in the district of Wellingborough by providing a safe place to be, expert advice, access to hot meals and a Foodbank. 

With many households struggling with the impact of the Cost of Living crisis, the Daylight Centre continues to provide valuable support within the community – from delivering hot meals to those in temporary accommodation, to supplying healthy and balanced food parcels to families in poverty. 

Alongside our £500 donation, our staff have also been donating food items and toiletries as the foodbank are currently in desperate need. If you would like, and are able, to donate any food or toiletry products, you can donate these using donation bins at Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s in Wellingborough. They are particularly interested in:  

  • Sugar  
  • UHT milk  
  • Crackers (food item, not Christmas crackers)  
  • Savoury rice  
  • Hair conditioner  
  • Washing powder  
  • Washing up liquid  
  • Tins of custard  
  • Tins of fruit (not grapefruit)  
  • 750ml squash  

We would like to thank the Daylight Centre for all the wonderful work they do throughout the year.