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Check your boilers before the cold weather hits

After the beautiful summer we’ve had, it’s time to start preparing for the cold weather which no doubt will be here in the coming weeks and months.

To ensure that you give yourself, and us, plenty of time we’re asking that you check your boilers are working before the real cold weather strikes. This will then give you the chance to let us know if anything is wrong with your boiler and if so, we can then come out and fix it before the temperature drops.

The best thing to do is turn your heating on for a little while (even if it’s not cold outside yet) just to check whether your radiators work. Once you know they’re working, you can turn them off.

If your radiators don’t seem to be working, please try the following…

  • Check there’s credit on the gas meter and the display says ‘on’
  • Check the power supply to the boiler is on
  • Check the heating programmer is turned on/calling for heating
  • Check the thermostat is turned up
  • Check the valves on the radiators are turned up

If your heating is still not working, call our customer services team straight away on 01933 234450 and we’ll be able to book you an appointment to get this fixed as soon as possible.

You should also contact us for either of the below;

  • A fault code shows on your boiler, for example E113 or E119
  • If your radiator needs bleeding – you’ll know this as the top of the radiator will be colder then the bottom (please take care when checking your radiators not to burn yourself).


Worried about energy bills?

We know that heating is a difficult subject at the moment with the energy and cost of living crisis, so if you’re worried about paying your bills and rent, we can help. We have grants available* for those struggling financially to help you pay for the essentials. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.

    *subject to criteria