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Over 130 families received money towards uniforms as children head back to school

Last month, we sent vouchers valuing an average of £50 to 132 families living in our homes to help towards the cost of school uniforms amid the cost of living crisis.

We invited people with school aged children to apply, subject to criteria, for a £30 voucher for their first child and £15 for every child after to help towards the cost of uniforms and other school supplies. Out of those who received the voucher, 75 per cent* said they were able to pay their rent and/or bills as a result of this support which ‘took some of the financial pressure away’.

One customer said: “The voucher really helped me. As the cost of living has gone up, we would have had to go without necessities due to having to buy the uniform, so it was really appreciated and very helpful”.

Another said: “This made a huge difference. I managed to buy my child a good pair of school shoes. They’re shoes she wanted but before I couldn’t buy them because they were too expensive”.

Supporting you through difficult times

58 per cent of those surveyed* said they’re either not managing well financially or are unsure of their financial position.

As we move towards the cold months, financial pressures may increase, and our team is here to support you. Here’s some things that may be helpful:

Alternatively, our income support team are here to offer support and advice if you’re struggling to pay your bills or rent. You can call them on 01933 234450 or email


*57 people responded to the survey we sent out in September 2022