Get involved to help us improve- Chair of the Customer Assembly

As a customer of Greatwell Homes, have you ever wondered whether things could be improved or wondered how you can get involved?

How would you like to get involved with Greatwell Homes by being part of a group of customers who currently meet twice a month via video call?

If so, don’t be shy, think about joining myself and the rest of the Customer Assembly group. We are looking for fellow customers from a varied background who would like to contribute their thoughts, experiences and time for a while. 

But it’s not all work, work, work! We are volunteers and we enjoy what we do, have a laugh and make some friends while we do it.

  • The ‘Customer Assembly’ is the overseeing customer group, responsible for being a critical friend and providing assurance to the regulator that Greatwell Homes do what they are supposed to be doing.
  • We have between 8 and 12 members who are tenants helping to monitor and improve services for tenants by giving their opinions and telling us what matters most about what we do.
  • We monitor Greatwell Homes’ performance, work with staff to make improvements and are a sounding board for any ideas or issues that customers want to raise.

 Here’s some of the work we have done this year:

  • Monitor and support Greatwell Homes performance in terms of what matters to tenants.
  • Award £15000 through our Community Grants scheme
  • Approve the annual Customer Involvement Impact Assessment
  • Sign off the regulatory consumer standards self assessment 
  • Link to the Greatwell Homes with Board members attending all of our meetings
  • Were involved with feeding ideas and direction into the new Live Greatwell Corporate Plan
  • Tracking our scrutiny recommendations to ensure they are completed effectively
  • Influenced the board skills matrix to ensure board members have the skills to support our communities
  • Monitoring Greatwell Homes progress as we look to put in place the requirements of the new Social Housing White Paper

We’re looking for people like you! Interested?

Simply give the Community Involvement Team a call on 01933 234450 or email them at


Pete Allington

Chair of the Greatwell Homes Customer Assembly