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  • It’s easy and simple to get involved 
  • We offer rewards and vouchers 
  • You can make a difference in your community 
  • We provide training and support
  • We pay for any travel, carer or childcare costs. 

In 2019/20 we made 31 changes to our services as a result of feedback from our customers and the hard work of our customers. 

 Customer Assembly: 

  • The Customer Assembly reviewed and agreed several important policies this year. These include the Tenure Policy and the Allocations Policy and the new Involved Customer Code of Conduct. 
  • The Customer Assembly helped us decide how to measure our performance in delivering on our Customer Charter commitments, which we now present to the Customer Assembly every 3 months.  
  • The Customer Assembly suggested we improve our communications with customers by sending out e-newsletter to all customers. The first of these was sent in November 2019 to just under 2,000 emails. Feedback from the Customer Assembly following this first e-newsletter showed that we had only sent this to lead tenants. The second newsletter was then sent in January 2020 to around 2,700 email addresses.   

Customer Scrutiny  

  • This year, our customers scrutinised 2 areas of Greatwell Homes, with recommendations for improvements. We have actioned some of these recommendations this year, as well as actioning several recommendations from previous scrutiny reviews. These have included: 
  • Creating a visual Customer Journey for new involved customers, that involved customers in recruitment, induction and training new potential customers.  
  • Restructuring the Independent Living Team to include an additional member of staff to support our Independent Living schemes. The Independent Living Steering Group then decided how the staff should split their time across schemes, suggesting that implementing 4 half days a week would be preferred. From January 2020 this is now in place. 
  • Carrying out a social media campaign to encourage more customers to get involved. This was carried out in January 2020 via Facebook. 
  • Asking customers for up to date and preferred contact information. This is now done via Customers Services on every call. 
  • Creating a new system for job sheets and job codes. Service Connect is now live for Estates Team and jobs can now be issued to mobile devices. 
  • Carrying out a staff wellbeing survey to understand how to improve staff retention. 
  • Changing how we support new customers by adding an additional visit in the first few weeks of tenancy. We now have visits before 6 weeks and vulnerable new customers will be given more time and support at sign-up. 
  • Monitoring and understanding how and why tenancies fail, by carrying out exit surveys with customers and creating a performance measure for this.  

Customer Feedback  

We get feedback from customers in a variety of ways on how we work and interact with you. Here are some of the changes we have made this year as a result of customer feedback: 

  • Customers reviewed and agreed several important policies this year, including the Decant Policy and our Domestic Abuse Policy and the Anti-Social Behaviour policy.
  • Changes with statements and clarity around service charges in Independent Living as a result of community meeting led by Sean Jackson, our Support Services Manager. 
  • We reduced the waiting time for a call back from 3 minutes to 90 seconds.   
  • We now offer ‘school run’ appointments, that enable those taking children to and from school, can have appointments that suit them. 
  • We now give all customers who have a garage that requires works or will be knocked down, 4 weeks notice before work begins.
  • We now leave a card if we have visited your property to assess or carry out work on the outside of your home so that you know we have been even if we haven’t seen you. 
  • We now make sure anyone visiting your home, staff or sub-contractors, will show an ID badge, even if they have visited your home before. 
  • When we launched our new customer portal, we asked customers to join a user group to help shape how it worked. The user group made 3 improvements to our portal. They told us customers should be able to set up a direct debit and set up a re-payment plan for rent arrears on the portal. They also told us that other customers, such as leaseholders and shared owners should be able to request services and support via the portal. We have now added these functions. 
  • Customers reviewed and agreed the Adaptations Policy. 

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