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You Said, We Did!

What services have our customers changed and improved?

In 2020/21 we made 20 changes to our services as a result of feedback from our customers and the hard work of our customers. 

Click the headings below to see what you’ve helped us change:

This year, our customers scrutinised how we support our communities, given the restrictions in place due to COVID-19. We have actioned some of these recommendations this year. These have included: 

  • Creating a definition of vulnerability for our customers to ensure we can identify those most in need and effectively support them. 
  • Carrying out a flexible working review with staff to ensure we are able to best support staff and customers during this time.  

We have carried out surveys with our customers this year, using their feedback to make changes, including:

  • Feedback that helped us to make changes to several important documents that went out to customers, including a Fixed Term Tenancy letter to customers, the Service Charge Easy Read document, the new vision for Customer Involvement, the new Leaseholder Management Policy, our Non-financial Development Parameters, a new Code of Conduct for Contractors, and our Rent setting letters.
  • Customers said they wanted us to be clearer on what they can do on the portal so we sent out an email to those who hadn’t signed up to the portal telling them everything that they could do and we saw increased number of registrations because of that. When promoting the portal, we now specify more than just ‘pay your rent and report a repair’, we include report ASB, update information and other features.
  • Customers said that they wanted more tips on maintenance in their homes. In response, we made DIY repair videos and produced fact sheets for our customers to use at their leisure.
  • Customers said that they prefer to hear news about us etc from email rather than any other way. In response, we are now having monthly e-newsletters sent out to over 2,300 customers about issues that interest them the most.

We get feedback from customers in a variety of ways on how we work and interact with you. Here are some of the changes we have made this year as a result of customer feedback: 

  • We now have a new repair function, where a customer can book their own appointment via the portal. This now means that we have no need to contact a customer after they have chosen their slot unless there is a change of plan or unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to make the appointment for whatever reason.
  • We have created an auto response from Customer Services, acknowledging receipt of all emails sent.
  • We have now added a link from the pan connect portal back to Greatwell Homes home page in the customer portal.
  • We recalculated the rate of VAT being charged to customers for utilities in independent living schemes. This was being charged at 20% but has now been corrected to 5%.

If you have any ideas that will help us make things better for customers, please let us know here by emailing community.involvement@greatwellhomes.org.uk

Let’s work together to create happier healthier places to live.


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