Customer panels

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You don’t need any experience or special skills to get involved… just an interest and commitment to working with us! You’ll gain valuable skills by working alongside other customers, staff and local organisations to share ideas and tackle issues in your community.

Apply for a customer panel


Our customer panels

Customers are at the heart of all of our decisions and we offer a range of customer-based panels to make it easy for you to tell us what works well and what we could do better.


What panels do we offer?

  • Is our strategic customer panel
  • Make sure involvement is working and helps to improve services
  • Ensure customers views are taken into account in everything that we do
  • Monitors our performance throughout the year including against complaint handling and challenge us if we are not performing well
  • Continuously works with Greatwell Homes to find the best ways to invest in the diverse needs of our customers
  • Ensure we invest in our communities where it supports our customers and protects our business
  • Work closely with the Scrutiny Panel

  • Undertake in-depth service reviews and make recommendations to our Board to improve our services
  • Monitor the recommendations to make sure they happen

  • Work with our Estate Services, Customer Service and Neighbourhood Services teams
  • Monitors performance and quality checks the delivery of services

  • Work with us to look at our day to day repairs, new developments, void (empty) properties and improvements to housing stock
  • Learn about the work of our contractors and our in-house repairs and development teams.

  • Works via email (from the comfort of their home)
  • Answer surveys or test policies or communications
  • Give responses which will be used by Managers and customer panels at Greatwell Homes

  • Look at ways to improve external communications with customers
  • Reviews communication methods such as the website, social media and the customer newsletter, Well Informed
  • Is a mixed group of staff members and customers

  • Works from the comfort of their home, plus some ‘optional’ on-site visits
  • Undertake ‘shops’ on our services – behave like a customer and fill out a questionnaire about your experience
  • Support the Scrutiny Panel by giving vital information on their experience
  • Support internal teams at Greatwell Homes to highlight areas of change and improvement
  • Receive training so that they understand our professional and customer service standards

  • Carry out inspections of their own chosen area to identify environmental issues that may need to be resolved (litter, graffiti, fly tipping, noise, defective lighting and so on)
  • Receive training on how to report issues to the correct organisation to get the best responses
  • Report issues to be resolved, and also logged on a reporting form and returned to Greatwell Homes
  • Carry out inspections as often as customer sees fit! Forms are return once a month.

  • Are local groups run by customers, acting in the best interests of all Greatwell Homes customers
  • Are supported by us, providing information and attending meetings on request
  • Plan events such as community events, litter picking days, meeting organisations to learn about their services, and social media interaction.

  • Are made up of customers already on other panels
  • Agree grants from £20,000 a year which Greatwell Homes have to allocate to worthwhile projects in the community
  • Monitors the progress of past grants

  • Are made up of customers already on other panels
  • Looks at complaints that customers don’t believe have been given a fair hearing
  • Listen and impartially decide whether Greatwell Homes were correct in their decision; and if not, what the panel thinks would be a fair option to take forward that would suit both the customer and the business
  • Receives training

Drop in!
Every Tuesday and Thursday between 1pm and 4pm we offer drop in sessions at Wellingborough Library for those who want to talk to us about the help & support we can offer, or to speak to our Benefit and Debt Advisor!