Involvement Opportunities

Customers are at the heart of all our decisions and are we believe customers are best placed to help us improve our services.

We have a fantastic group of formally involved customers who are committed to improving our services and local communities in an enjoyable, friendly and cooperative way. We would love to hear from you if you can help too. Click below to get in touch.

Get in touch

Here are some of the ways you can get involved:

What we do

  • Discuss what matters most to customers
  • Quarterly reviews of performance information, complaints processes and themes, consumer standards, organisational objectives, and scrutiny recommendations
  • Working with Greatwell staff to embed the outcomes of the Social Housing White Paper, specifically around tenant satisfaction measures
  • Co-design services and projects that focus on driving greater social impact for existing and future customers
  • Provide a link between customers and the Greatwell Homes Board members

This group understands our strategies and corporate plan, and links day-to-day services with these strategies.

When do we meet?

We meet once a month via a video call for a formal meeting with a board member, and once a month for an informal chat about what we are doing, making sure we are moving the the right direction, and understanding how Greatwell operates.

What we do

We look at the services in our Independent Living schemes, make sure they are running well, and help make improvements to them. We have a small group of customers who regularly attend meetings and give us their opinions on issues affecting older people. Some of these customers live in an Independent Living scheme, but not all of them.

When do we meet?

We meet roughly once a month via video call.

Meeting dates and times are agreed with the group for a time convenient to everyone.

What we do

We complete reviews on different services to understand how they operate, and recommend improvements. These reviews take 12 weeks to complete and involve interviewing staff, looking at performance data and researching what other housing providers do. Click here to read how customers describe what is involved in Scrutiny. 

Autumn 2021 scrutiny review was on grounds maintenance

Spring 2022 scrutiny review is on the Greatwell Homes website

Autumn 2022 scrutiny review will be around home ownership options

Spring 2023 scrutiny review will be around communications

There will also be a scrutiny review around the ‘building a better future charter’ as outlined in the 2022-2025 corporate plan.

When do we meet?

We do video call meetings during a scrutiny review. However, you don’t have to attend the meetings to be involved – you can help from the comfort of your own home by doing research and giving your feedback by email.

We have lots of different projects that you can help us with, that happen several times a year and centre around our repairs service and new builds. This might be reviewing a policy or speaking to customers about one of our services and feeding back to us about it. This may involve some meetings or just responses via email.

Customers are involved in reviewing applications from potential contractors, to help us choose which companies we should work with.

Upcoming projects will include topics around our Live Green strategy.

We have around 500 customers who complete online surveys to review documents or tell us what they think about our services. This is all done via email and the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is email and we will add you to the survey list.

We have just launched a new customer focus group – Together Greatwell.  This is a new Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) involvement opportunity.

We recognise that a diverse mix of voices lead to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone, particularly our customers – the aim of the group is to give customers the opportunity to discuss all aspects of EDI and influence real change.

We will be offering free EDI training from a beginner’s guide to more in-depth EDI topics.

We will also be holding Q&A webinars with specialist guest speakers.

Customers can book a space to join in this session and gain more knowledge on both physical disabilities and neurodiversity (hidden disabilities) and have an opportunity to ask questions.

If you want to learn more, please get in touch with

Level of involvement What we ask Examples of what you could do Outcomes
Lead Commit to a formal role with specific responsibilities. Customer Assembly, Scrutiny and Independent Living Steering Group Delivering service improvements
and monitoring performance
Collaborate Help to deliver services or engage others Neighbourhood Champions, Equality & Diversity group and Young people forums and workshops. Flexible and inclusive
opportunities to improve services and check standards
Co-create Guide our plans and help to improve services Task and finish groups and
workshops on topics of
particular interest or importance
Quarterly opportunities for
customers to engage in informal workshops, research,
and meetings to create formal
recommendations for service changes and improvements
Chip-in Respond to
specific questions
and requests
Customer Research group  Input to strategies, operations and service standards
Opt-in Commit to future
E-newsletter for customers Keeping customers in touch and up to date on things that
matter most to them and local communities
Be aware Know about
services and plans
Newsletters & website Keeping an eye on what we’re doing, how we’re working and opportunities to get involved

Have you heard about our points scheme ?

We have a points scheme for customers who get involved. You get points for responding to surveys or attending video meetings. For example you get 5 points for answering an online survey and 10 points for attending an online meeting. If you reach 50 or 100 points we will award you vouchers at the end of the year. 50 points = £50, 100 points = £100.

Training and support

We want to make sure you have everything you need to get involved and enjoy it. We offer lots of free training and support for all of our involved customers. We have a dedicated team of involvement officers that provide an induction, one to one support and all the help you need to understand different services we provide.

We can also get another customer to buddy up with you at the start until you learn the ropes. They are more than happy to do this if means more customers get involved.

We provide training by professional experts in their roles with many years experience to help you understand topics like scrutiny and understanding performance information and we also provide training which will help you develop as a person and improve your interpersonal and emotional skills.